RUSH Graduate Student Brownbag
(Regional / Urban / Spatial / Housing)


We are organizing this brownbag to create a space for graduate students and post-docs to present their work to their peers. We encourage folks to submit work in all stages - from new ideas to job market papers. Our goals is to create connections across schools, exchange ideas with others in our field, and get constructive feedback.

Our plan is to host a weekly brownbag for 10-15 weeks each semester (depending on the demand). We are currently looking for proposals for the Spring semester and will be accepting submissions until December 31st.

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Spring 2023 Schedule

The brownbag will take place on Wednesdays at 11am EST via zoom. To sign up for meetings, you can join our email list!

Urban Policy and Spatial Exposure to Environmental Risk

Presented by Augusto Ospital. Coauthored with .

The Effect of Short-Term Rentals on Local Consumption Amenities: Evidence from Madrid

Presented by Alberto Hidalgo. Coauthored with Massimo Riccaboni and Francisco J. Velázques.

The Changing Geography of American Poverty

Presented by Michael Neubauer.

On the other side of the creek: The persistence and evolution of colonial ethno-racial segregation

Presented by Guillermo Woo-Mora.

Land Use Reform, Housing Markets, and Segregation: Evidence from Houston's 1998 Subdivision Reform

Presented by Raheem Chaudhry.

Cities, Amenities, and Spatial Equilibrium

Presented by Matthew Easton.

Touristification and incumbent residents: evidence from personal income tax records

Presented by Jorge Ferreira.

The (Express)Way to Segregation: Evidence from Chicago

Presented by Sara Bagagli.

An equilibrium model of city with traffic-induced air pollution dispersion

Presented by Mohamed Bahlali. Coauthored with Quentin Petit.

The Effects of Highways on Job Access, Segregation, and Intergenerational Mobility: Evidence from Historical Administrative Data

Presented by Laura Weiwu.

The Unintended Effect of Transfers on Intimate Partner Violence: Lessons from Housing Lotteries in Argentina

Presented by Bruno Cardinale Lagomarsino. Coauthored with Martín A. Rossi.


The brownbag is organized by the following group of people (alphabetical order):